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The Aviator suitbag , made in a light tan rubberised canvas, is the ultimate suitbag to accompany any journey. The Aviator suitbag from Stanley Biggs is very high quality.

Based on the 1930s aviators carry cases, the suitbag has a large opening, accessible by two parallel zippers, it is deep enough to carry a suit/jacket and shirt on hangers. Complete with a metal hook, it can then be hung to ensure the items are not creased while inside. With a leather strengthening strap that can be adjusted depending on the amount that is packed inside.


For easy transporation the suitbag can be folded over and can be carried by a leather carry handle.

With three outer pocketsfor shoes, accessories and necessities it is a truly fantastic case - perfect for long adventures, fabulous holidays and short trips.


Why not twin it with one of our other travel bags for the ultimate travel experience?


The Aviator Suitbag

Please allow two weeks
  • Length (fully extended) - 94cm

    Width - 54cm

    Depth of suit bag - 16cm


    Large Pocket :

    Height-  48cm

    Width - 28cm

    Depth - 8cm


    Side Pocket :

    Height-  33cm

    Width - 33cm

    Depth - 8cm


    Side Pocket :

    Height-  35cm

    Width - 19cm

    Depth - 8cm

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