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Made In England from Melton Wool, The Stanley Biggs Club Scarves pay tribute to the sporting clubs and college clubs of the early 20th Century. They add a splash of finesse to any gentleman's or ladies wardrobe.


The six foot long Chadwick Scarf is made of 100% merino wool in a four colourway combination of Nordic blue, sky blue, maroon and jet black. 

Named after the Roy Chadwick, the chief designer of aircraft manufacturer Avro Company.

Determined at a young age to become a designer, he attended night school to become an engineer while he continued his training as a draughtsman.


He designed the heavy bombers that would be used by the Royal Air Force, his most famous design, the Avro Lancaster. He also designed the Avro York, The Avro Lincoln and the Avro Shackleton. He also began the preliminary designs for the Avro Vulcan.


Living up to its namesake, The Chadwick Scarf is unique in its design. Like the aircraft Chadwick designed, the scarf has a black underside to denote the night camoflague painted on the underbelly of the heavy Avro bombers. On the opposing side are the colours of the Royal Air Force, who flew the large number of Chadwick's designs.



Stanley Biggs Clothiers is an official partner to The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and in support of their invaluable work, a £5.00 donation will be made to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Foundation from every sale.


The Chadwick Scarf

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