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The versatile Fairfax Shirt, made from a stunning creamed brushed cotton offers an authentic, yet new, take on the universal 'white-shirt'.

It was our own hunt for a shirt we loved that started our foray into shirt-making. We just couldn't find one that encompassed all the features we loved... so we set about creating it ourselves.


Stanley Biggs shirts are directly inspired by patterns dating back to the 1930s. We have sought the very best cottons to offer four unique options for your wardrobe. They combine our passion for authenticity with our drive to creating a versatile garment that is made to last. All Made in England.


A few details that we love about our shirts...

  • The single cuff, with double button - a very period feature, since lost in modern shirt designs. This allows the wearer two options with just one shirt.
  • Our shirt arms are also a little longer, to allow for the billowed look often seen in period shirts at the time - it means you enjoy a good bit of cuff when worn under a suit jacket.
  • We love the authentic 'fisheye' buttons we have opted for. Not only because they are made in England and about as authentic as they get, they are made entirely from Corozo and thus natural & biodegradable.
  • Our shirt collars are directly inspired by British shirt collars of the 1930s. After many years of research and collecting collar after collar, shirt after shirt, we chose an understated and authentic 'spearpoint', most often seen in 1930s Britain. Unlike the overly long 'spearpoint' collars, our style is by far the most versatile collar we have come across. Easily worn with a tie, it can be worn with or without collar pin. Or it can be worn without a tie also, buttoned up, or open, with or without a neckerchief.  Our shirts truly offer a formal as well as informal option for any ensemble.

We'll be writing a little more on the history of the 'spearpoint' collar and its various incarnations for The Biggs Journal soon.

  • The half fronted placet really adds the final touch and allows us to offer extra long shirt tails, allowing you to remain 'tucked in' at all times, regardless of what you get up to.


The Fairfax is named after Sir Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, famous commander-in-chief of the Parliamentarian forces during The English Civil War, 1642-1651.

Being a Midlands based business, we are surrounded by key locations scarred by the various battles and seiges relating to The English Civil War.


Naseby is possibly the most well known of these locations. On the 16th June 1645, this little village saw the Parliamentarian forces defeat the Royalist forces at The Battle of Naseby. Lord Fairfax, alongside Oliver Cromwell, commanded the Parliamentarian 'New Model Army' agsinst the ill-prepared Royalist forces led by King Charles I and Prince Rupert. This defeat ultimately dealt the knockout blow that ended the war.


Raised in January 1645, 'The New Model Army' saw the birth of the first professional Army. It was to be raised through conscription and paid for by taxation. Around 22,000 strong, they were a properly trained army of infantry, mounted infantry and cavalry.

The majority of these men were dressed in a red uniform, the first time the famous "redcoat" was seen on the battlefield. Interestingly, there are many theories as to why red was chosen as the colour for the Army. From the need to hide blood stains, to greater visibility and identity on the battlefield, the theories are various. The other pracical theory, which we can appreciate, is that red dye was far cheaper and readily available in bulk at the time.

The Fairfax Shirt

  • Shirt is made from 100% Brushed Cotton, woven in England.

    Buttons are made from 100% corozo buttons, made in England.

    Shirt made entirely in England.


    We would advise washing at 30 degree cool wash. Hang dry. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron.

  • Sizing in centimetres / inches. Please be aware these measurements are approx and may vary slightly.

    Neck 14.5 15 15.5 16 16.5 17



    58.5/22.5 59.5/23 60.5/23.5  62/24  63/24.5 63.5/24.5
    Arm* 64.5/25 65.5/25.5 65.5/25.5 65.5/25.5 67.5/26.5 69.5/27
    Length** 86.5/33.5 87.5/34 88.5/34.5 88.5/34.5 89/35 90/35.5

    * Arm length denotes length measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff.

    ** Length denotes length of shirt measured from the nape at the back of the neck (where the collar joins the shirt), to the shirt tail. Please note the back shirt tail is the longest, and this is the measurement given.

    How to measure your neck:

    For the most comfortable and best fit, take your tape measure and position it at the base of your neck where the shirt collar would sit (normally a little below your Adam's apple). With this in position, wrap the tape measure all the way around your neck, keeping one finger between your neck and tape measure, to allow some room for comfort. Keep your head upright and look straight ahead. The tape should be rest lightly around your neck, do not squeeze it when taking the measurement.

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