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The Forster Jumper, inspired by the writer E.M. Forster.


Edward Morgan Forster was an English novelist of the early 20th century. In fact, he is considered  to be one of the finest novelist of the Edwardian era and enjoyed worldwide fame during his lifetime.


Many of his novel examine class difference, hypocrisy and homosexuality, which is probably why they also translate so beautifully to the medium of film and television.


The Merchant-Ivory team adapted three of his most famous novels (A Room With a View, Maurice and Howards End) and lets not forget David Lean's A Passage to India. 


Many of his novels were written from first hand experiences, he was an avid traveller. In fact, Forster was one of the earliest fiction writers to accurately portray characters from other countries, rather than create them as exaggerated caricatures.



The traditional crew neck pattern has been directly inspired from two original examples in our collection.

The unique crew neck shape and cut is directly reproduced from an early 20th century Royal Naval pattern jumper, while the deep waistband and double cuff design is directly inspired from an original mid 20th century varsity jumper.


The gorgeous burgundy yarn, seen across other Biggs knitwear, was actually chosen as it colour matched the original varsity jumper exactly.


Available in seven sizes, the timeless Biggs crew necks can be worn as a tight or looser fit.

The Forster Jumper


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