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To celebrate our fifth year of trading, we have made a special batch of keychains and bookmarks, bearing the year we started out and our fox emblem in gold leaf.


Made from the same leather as our Journals our keychains and bookmarks are made from any excess leather from the production of our journals - ensuring no materials go to waste.


As with all our Collection, they just get better with wear. 


Biggs Bookmarks & Keychains

  • Our keychains & bookmarks are handmade in England from leather sourced in Italy.

    The leather we source comes from European Bulls - the skins do not come from animals that have grazed on deforested land. By choosing to use authentic leather, which is a byproduct of the meat industry, we avoid the production of alternative leathers that are often made from plastics like PVC and polyurethane. Authentic leather is extremely durable, beautiful, and smells amazing too!

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